Greg Sinclair: Creator & Performer

Greg is a musician and performance artist who makes a lot of his work in collaboration with children and young people. He won The Arts Foundation’s Children’s Theatre Fellowship in 2016. His recent performances are As The Crow Flies (2016), I Do, Do I (2013) and Sonata for a Man and a Boy (2012) which won a CATS award. He also works with other companies as a composer and performer and has recently worked with Eden Court, Dundee Rep, Lung Ha, Curious Seed, Frozen Charlotte and Starcatchers.

Animal stories 

When I was 18 I moved to Glasgow. One night I saw a fox on my way back to my halls of residence and I decided to follow it. It kept pausing and looking over its shoulder at me, so I kept following it. Unfortunately I did this for so long that I got really lost and it took me ages to get home!

My dog Inca is the best at finding things. She loves tennis balls and when we’re out for a walk she always takes a tennis ball with her. But she usually finds at least one more tennis ball in a bush or at the side of a road. So sometimes she comes back from her walk with three tennis balls in her mouth! She also likes to find footballs and little teddies. She is very rough with the footballs and usually bursts them within about 2 minutes, but she is very gentle with the teddies and hugs them like a baby.

Hannah Venet: Devisor & Performer

Hannah is a performer and choreographer based in Edinburgh. She trained at Laban BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and MA in Dance Performance with Transitions Dance Company.

Drawing on her experience and interest in collaborating across different art forms, her work aims to engage, include and inspire audiences, working collaboratively with a variety of different performers. She has a particular interest making work with and for young people and creates work both for theatres, as well as outside, in places and spaces where you might not expect to find dance.

Hannah has recently performed in  MamaBabaMe,  a co production with Curious Seed and Starcatchers,  Wolves  by Barrowland Ballet and  Hup created by Abigail Sinar and Hazel Dawin-Clements, directed by Xana Marwick.  Other artists Hannah has collaborated with include Stadium Rock, Robbie Synge & Lucy Boyes, Valerie Reid, Ian Spink, Valerie Preston Dunlop, Lost Dog, Miguel Pereira, Allison Brown and Rosemary Butcher amongst others.

As a choreographer Hannah directed and performed  Trio  (2015). She created multi disciplinary performance  Hot Air  (2014) with Lyra’s Young Company. In 2013 she was choreographer for  Pigeon  a co-production between Kopergietery (Belgium) and Lyra (Scotland).

Hannah is also co-artistic director of Tin Crate, alongside composer Caitlin Mulgrew. Tin Crate creates experimental, music and dance performances collaboratively with young  people.

Animal stories 

When I was seven I was totally and completely obsessed with pigs. I loved them. I collected pig ornaments. I had a shelf in my room dedicated to my love of pig related memorabilia. I loved pigs so much I decided to be a vegetarian and I began to hard sell vegetarianism onto my mum and dad… I drew pictures, made a t-shirt and had the catchy slogan ‘say no to bacon!’ … It worked! My dad became a veggie and over 20 years later he is still committed to the cause!

Katy Wilson: Designer

Katy Wilson is a designer based in Edinburgh, she works on installations, interactive designs, sensory spaces and sets as well as working regularly with children and babies on creative projects. Katy loves to make work which inspires and surprises people of all ages, she created Sprog Rock which is a band who play regularly to adults and children.

Animal stories 

When I was wee my Dad was too allergic to have any furry creatures in the house. I was allowed dwarf hamsters (very small amount of fur) and fish…

Jaws was my brother’s gold fish – he was ginormous. He was won at a fair and carried home as a teeny wee orange dot by our babysitter… Years later he had outgrown their tank and was adopted by us. He just kept growing and must have been like 18 or something… maybe he wasn’t a goldfish ?

One summer we went on holiday and the neighbours were left to feed Jaws but we came home to a black ribbon on our door and a message that told us he had died and they put him in the freezer next to the chips! 😱

Geraldine Heaney: Filmmaker 

Geraldine Heaney  is a multidisciplinary artist working regularly with film, music and live performance. She  works on a diverse range of projects and has previously designed and facilitated projects for Scottish companies including Firefly Arts, Platform, National Theatre of Scotland and Imaginate.

She has been commissioned to create films for Starcatchers, Platform, Sense Scotland and a range of other arts and community organisations.

Geraldine is a Co-founder of Independent record label  KOR! Records, who create music projects with young people with additional support needs. She is also currently studying Level 6 BSL and is very interested in exploring the creative possibilities of access to her work.

Animal stories 

A few years ago, I went to live in the far north of Sweden. It was cold and bright and exciting. One night I was driving to pick up a friend from the airport, the roads were covered in snow but I had the winter tyres on. I noticed something at the side of the road moving and slowed down slightly to have a look, as I slowed down to stop a huge Elk started to walk into the light of my headlights. There was music playing in the car and as the Elk got to centre stage it stopped and turned to look at me. It looked for a few seconds and then carried on walking to the other side of the road. It was so filmic!

Lu Kemp: Dramaturg

Lu is the Artistic Director of Perth Theatre.

Lu has worked widely as a director and a dramaturg with a number of artists and companies including The Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow, The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, The National Theatre of Scotland, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre (RNT), The Tricycle Theatre, the BBC, Dance Xchange Birmingham, Rambert, The Place and Sadler’s Wells.

 As Associate Artist with the award winning Inspector Sands, Lu created and directed The Lounge which will be restaged with a Swedish cast for the Rikstheatern in 2019.