If I was an ANIMAL…

If you could be an ANIMAL, which one would you be?

A ferocious Lion with a loud roar?

A city fox wily and cunning?

A dolphin swimming free in the ocean?

A sheep grazing happily on the hillside?

You can tell us by filling in the form here 

If the ANIMALS team were animals, they would be…


…a crow. I really like how cheeky they are and they’re really smart, but also very sociable. They’re one of the few types of birds that have been observed playing. They like swinging on tree branches and even snowboarding. I also like that they are really loud songbirds even though their song is quite rough!


…a cat because they are my favourite animal. I love them (particularly my two cats Otto and Ivor) and I would be very happy to eat, sleep, and sunbathe all day with the occasional burst of energy to climb a wall or maybe chasing some string.


…a koala –  it was the picture on my peg at nursery K for koala – so that’s me !

My face is quite wide , I am short and like hugs – them too right? . I like to sleep, but unfortunately my lifestyle is nothing like a koalas – I should spend more time lazing about in trees.


…a dugong, because they live in the sea, they’re vegetarians, they are also often considered the inspiration for Mermaids and I love that kind of magic and the way that those stories can grow.